Compressed Coconut Coir Growing Media – Open Top Bag 1 Gallon

Raw materials are 100% natural from coconut husks. Ready to use form. Used for Greenhouse plants.

Nice Coco coir texture, high porosity, high air holding capacity, good water & nutrient retention, desirable aeration to develop good roots.

Blend ratios:

  • 95% Coco Peat – 5% Coco Fiber
  • 80% Coco Peat – 20% Coco Fiber
  • 70% Coco Peat – 30% Coco Fiber
  • 100% Coco Chips
  • 30% Coco chips – 40% Coco Peat – 30% Coco Fiber

The same finished Compressed Coco Coir product with Grow bag product (OMRI Listed certified), only different in Product form in 1 gallon cube.

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Wash 4 times and buffered
EC is very low, EC ≤ 0.5 mS/cm
pH: 5.8-6.5
Moisture ≤ 20%
Bag Volume: 4 litters = 0.14 Cu Ft
Expanded size: 6.69×6.69×11 inches
Compression ratio: 5:1
Bottom of bag: Drain slits are pre-cut, plant hole is drilled according to customer requests with no adding cost
Loading 01×40’HC: 50,000 bags
20 Calendar days


Fertilizer management need to be monitored closely. Use your desired nutrient every time feeding to ensure plants are receiving optimum nutrition levels.


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