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Coco Coir Global’s Manufacturing Process

1/ Procuring Raw Material

Collecting the mature coconut husks from suppliers that meet the quality standards.


2/ Crushing & Cutting

Coconut husks are crushed to extract the coco peat (pith) and coco fiber or cut into small coco chips.

2Crushing _ Cutting

3/ Washing

Materials are washed to reduce salt content, with customization options for extra washing based on customer preferences.


4/ Quality Control

Conducting rigorous checks on the washed materials to ensure they meet prescribed EC (Electrical Conductivity) and pH standards or specific requirements

4quality check

5/ Dewatering

Employing a dewatering process to reduce moisture content to the desired standard levels.


6/ Drying

Drying step is applied for compressed products. Materials are dried in greenhouses/ cement yards under sunlight.


7/ Sieving & Screening 

Double sieving and meticulous screening to remove any impurities, such as sand or unwanted objects, ensuring the highest quality coco peat.


8/ Compressing

Only compressed products go through this step. Materials are checked, then are put into the compressing machine to make slabs, cubes, and blocks.


9/ Packing & Shipping

Completing the final quality checks and packaging the finished products for shipment to customers, ensuring prompt delivery.