1. Market Leading Product Quality Control

We provide our products EC (Soluble Salts), pH, and Chemical characteristics analysis report, performed periodically by third-party accredited Laboratories in the USA, for Production Lots connected with customer Purchasing Orders.

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2. Washing and Buffering

Many Coco Coir Products in the market are only washed, not buffered. Our Coco Coir products are not only washed but also buffered in the right way, resulting in EC ≤ 0.5 mS/cm, pH: 5.8-6.5, extremely low levels of Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K) that can be compared to other standard and top-grade products in the market.

3. Quick Turnaround Lead time

7 calendar days for Loose Coco Coir, and 20 days for compressed Coco Coir per container 40’HC. For Coconut husk chips: 3 days for unwashed products and 7 calendar days for washed and buffered products.

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4. Large-scale Supply

As model business-to-business to commercial growers, distributors store with quick lead time.

5. Competitive Prices

We are confident that our prices can beat the price of the same high-quality products features of competitors, saving our customers tremendous costs, increasing customer competitive advantage in the market, and customer profit margins.

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6. Logistics

Our factory is located near the Seaport, the main port of South Vietnam. Our Logistics team works closely with the freight forwarder, and shipping lines for flexible shipping schedules, and obtains the most competitive Ocean Freight rates. The transportation time from Vietnam to Los Angeles, Long Beach appx 20 days to 25 days. New York 28-29 days. Vancouver 25 days, Toronto/Montreal 32 days.

7. Political Stability

Having political stability, Vietnam is a reliable production place in the world.

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