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About us Coco Coir Global

Chairman Ho Chi Cuong

Owner/President: Ho Chi Cuong

“We love the products that we produce and we love our work. Our people are professional, well-trained, and creative to provide the highest quality products. We are striving to become the biggest manufacturer, supplier, and global exporter of high-grade Coco Coir in Vietnam”

Our story

As one of the leading and prestigious Vietnam Coco Coir Manufacturers, Coco Coir Global has a unique and exclusive production process that sets us apart. Our superior products have multiple uses and are highly valued by customers worldwide, particularly in horticulture and cultivation.

Our factory has the production facilities located in Ben Tre province in the Mekong Delta- Vietnam, which is known as the land of the Coconut trees. Surrounding our factory are forever green Coconut tree land. We select the best Coconut husk material for our factory’s Coco Coir Grow media manufacturing.
Coco Coir Global has 5 hectares, equivalent to 12 acres of land in Ben Tre province, Vietnam. The factory is well equipped with production equipment. We have nearly 100 employees, work full time at the factory. The factory has In-house R&D and Quality Labs. The factory has established a large network of qualified Coconut husk raw materials vendors.
We manufacture high-grade organic Coconut Coir Growing media for Worldwide professional horticulture, cultivation, and hydroponics that meet the highest Coco Coir substrates Industry Standards. Our Coco Coir soilless growing medium is an excellent application for growing medicinal cannabis and recreational cannabis, vegetables, berries, fruits, cut flowers, flowers, reptiles bedding

Our story

We are the biggest Coco Coir Grow Medium Supplier and Exporter from Vietnam. Our customer are mainly reputable enterprises and corporates namely Wineco, Dalat Hasfarm, etc. We started exporting products since 2018. Our exported markets now includes: Australia, Japan, Korea, etc. We are expanding our sales to the North America market.

our story

Quality Control

Our factory control Coconut Coir manufacturing processes provides consistent quality through Quality Logs, Traveler Lots, Production Lot numbers. We use these processes to control quality and manage the traceability of products from the source to finished product.

Organic Certified

We are one of very few Coco Coir Grow Media factories in Vietnam has ISO 9001: 2015 certification and and the only one so far that has OMRI organic certification.

OMRI Listed certified