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With the trend of the application of modern agricultural models with advanced tools and techniques, commercial greenhouses quickly grew in number and have become a go-to choice by growers.

Commercial greenhouses are always looking for a source of raw materials to participate in the production process, which not only meets quality standards but also helps to optimize costs, supporting them in creating products with high productivity levels and efficiency. 

Acquiring a growing medium that can be easily controlled and adjusted through modern automated equipment or tools in the greenhouse is also one step to maximizing efficiency. Coco coir is a perfect choice and an ideal solution for these needs, as it helps control moisture and provides the resources for plant roots to grow healthy.

Coco Coir Global is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of coco peat substrates in Vietnam, committed in our job to bringing quality and affordable products that are suitable for the requirements as well as different uses of customers. We provide enthusiastic consulting and support services, helping customers choose the most suitable products, meet criteria, and also solving their problems or concerns if required.

Our Coco Coir Products

✓ Ready to use (no need to pre-rinse)

✓ Specialized for greenhouse crops


✓ Perfect growing medium for multiple growing purpose

✓ Versatile in use (both horticulture and non-horticulture)

✓ Balanced mix for optimal plant growth

✓ Tailored for growing various types of plants

✓ Lightweight and easy to handle

✓ Excellent water retention and good drainage

✓ Lightweight and easily manageable

✓ Excellent water and nutrient retention capabilities

✓ Specialized for greenhouse crops

✓ Recommended to use alongside with coco coir grow bags

✓ Economical and versatile for different uses

✓ Suitable for both commercial and individual growers

✓ Lightweight, easy to carry and use

✓ Easy to transport with large quantities