Coco Coir Global built our purchasing policy aiming to ensure maximum benefit and assurance for our customers, at the same time increasing trust placed in our brand. Terms and conditions are as follows:

  • About our products: We guarantee to provide our customers with products of high quality, uniformity, and identical specifications as the committed sample. In addition, the origin of our products will be transparent at all times, creating complete peace of mind for customers when buying from us.
  • About pricing: with the policy of cost optimization, our products have competitive, reasonable, and stable prices, all while maintaining quality on top. Not only that, as we will always offer a better price for customers with orders of larger volume, we also build a suitable price for retail channels and distributors in each country, which is to guarantee that end users still get their hands on our supply without having to secure it from the factory.
  • About sampling: we are willing to send the requested sample accordingly. This policy’s present is to establish trust in our promise of quality even if it’s the first time purchase of our buyer. In addition, the company will give our best support in delivering them to their destination.
  • About customer appreciation: We have appreciation policies for our long-term collaborators. To be trusted as a potential supplier and come out with satisfaction in mind using our service is always what we strive for.
  • About damage compensation: In the case of our products being the direct cause of our customer’s inability to achieve their goal, we are willing to take responsibility and compensate for any damage caused.

Our end goal is to consistently provide the best possible, not only in quality but also in cost, alongside being reliable to our customers, assure that you leave with only satisfaction in mind. To achieve that, we will never stop striving to better ourselves and give all to the fullness of what the client envisioned.