Besides commercial greenhouse, if the customer is a freelance grower who works with limited space, or has to figure their way around a plot of land that is short on necessary resources, Coco Coir Global is also willing to serve.

Individual growers are increasingly concerned with the environment and the quality of the products produced, hence, they also share the need of choosing a growing medium that is both environmentally friendly and helps to create fresh and nutritious homegrown products.

Coco coir is a financial and economical solution for growing plants in these environments. The natural ingredients in coco peat provide nutrients to plants and improve their heat tolerance. Our products give growers the freedom to grow crops in a wide range, including fruit, vegetable, flower, and other crops.

Our Coco Coir Products

✓ Ready to use (no need to pre-rinse)

✓ Specialized for greenhouse crops


✓ Perfect growing medium for multiple growing purpose

✓ Versatile in use (both horticulture and non-horticulture)

✓ Balanced mix for optimal plant growth

✓ Tailored for growing various types of plants

✓ Lightweight and easy to handle

✓ Excellent water retention and good drainage

✓ Lightweight and easily manageable

✓ Excellent water and nutrient retention capabilities

✓ Specialized for greenhouse crops

✓ Recommended to use alongside with coco coir grow bags

✓ Economical and versatile for different uses

✓ Suitable for both commercial and individual growers

✓ Lightweight, easy to carry and use

✓ Easy to transport with large quantities