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Manufacturer and Global Supplier of High-grade Coco Coir

OMRI LISTED - ISO 9001:2015
coco-coir-supplier-coco-coir-global-vietnam Products meet the highest Coco Coir substrates Industry Standards COCO COIR GLOBAL Widely used for Professional Horticulture, Cultivation and Hydroponics Superior Animal Bedding (Reptiles, Amphibians, Hamsters, etc.) coco-peat-coco-coir-global


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About us

Coco Coir Global

Manufacturer of Coconut Coir Substrates on a large scale with a wide range of product lines

We manufacture high-grade washed and buffered Coconut Coir Growing Medium (also known as Coconut Coir Substrates) for Worldwide professional horticulture, cultivation, and hydroponics that meet the highest Coco Coir substrates Industry Standards. Our Coco Coir soil growing medium is an excellent application for growing medicinal cannabis and recreational cannabis, vegetables, berries, fruits, cut flowers, flowers, reptiles bedding, etc.


Our 100% natural Coconut Coir is an organic soilless growing medium obtained from selecting the best Coconut husks from Ben Tre province, Vietnam. Our Coconut Coir Substrate has a uniform texture, providing good drainage, high porosity, high water holding capacity, great absorption, and retains moisture enabling healthy root growth. Our Grow Media provides more oxygen allowing plants to grow healthier and produce bigger yields. All our raw materials have been certified OMRI Listed for organic use.