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Manufacturer of Coconut Coir Substrates on a large scale with a wide range of product lines

We are a Vietnam Coco Peat Manufacturer that produces high-grade Coco Coir Growing Media (also known as Coconut Coir Substrates) for Worldwide professional horticulture, cultivation, and hydroponics that meet the highest Coco Coir substrates Industry Standards. Our Coco Coir soil growing medium is an excellent application for growing medicinal cannabis and recreational cannabis, vegetables, berries, fruits, cut/potted flowers, ornamental plants, making animal beddings, making potting mixes, soil improving, mulching, etc.

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Coco Coir Products

✓ Ready to use (no need to pre-rinse)

✓ Specialized for greenhouse crops


✓ Lightweight, easy to carry and use

✓ Easy to transport with large quantities

✓ Lightweight, easy to carry and use

✓ Convenient to transport with large quantities

✓ Economical and convenient to use

✓ Easy to transport by forklifts

✓ Convenient to use

✓ Specialized for soft fruit, ginger, cannabis, etc.

✓ Economical and versatile for different uses

✓ Suitable for both commercial and individual growers

✓ Specialized for greenhouse crops

✓ Recommended to use alongside with coco coir grow bags

Customized Coco Coir Products

✓ Lightweight and easily manageable

✓ Excellent water and nutrient retention capabilities

✓ Lightweight and easy to handle

✓ Excellent water retention and good drainage

✓ Perfect growing medium for multiple growing purpose

✓ Versatile in use (both horticulture and non-horticulture)

✓ Balanced mix for optimal plant growth

✓ Tailored for growing various types of plants

  • 24/7 consultation support
  • Fast delivery & Worldwide shipping
  • Buy factory direct & Competitive prices
  • Appealing promotions and discounts
  • Large supply capacity with diverse products


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