Coco Coir Global is proud to be one of the biggest and most reputable factories, specializing in manufacturing and supplying high-quality coir products with large output in Vietnam. We desire to bring customers the best products, so that is why the quality of the products is highest on the priority list. The source of raw materials is carefully selected before being put into production and must meet the predetermined criteria. It is the first and also the essential step to produce products of the best quality.

The caliber of raw materials is one of the unique features of our products that make Coco Coir Global stand out from others in the market. Our factory is located in Ben Tre, a province with a “prime” location in the Mekong Delta region (distributary of the Mekong River). Favored by nature, the quantity and quality of Ben Tre’s coconut are second to none. Growing along fertile alluvium riverbanks, coconuts here are much larger and sweeter in comparison to other regions. The coconut husk (specifying the coir layer between the outermost shell and the inner hard shell) creates an exceptional coir substrate containing many essential nutrients for the growth of plants in the early stages without the need to add any other supplements.

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One might say that Ben Tre is the only province in Vietnam in particular and in the world in general, that owns a “unique” source of coconuts that no other place has. The coconut here is one of a kind, they are not salted like those grown on the beach, nor leaning toward mal-nutrition like those somehow got on higher mountains, they situate themselves along the fertile banks of the Mekong River delta, with a remarkable amount of silt to nurture them, creating the source of raw materials is concentrated not only in quantity but also in the best quality in the whole country that Coco Coir Global has chosen to produce our products.

When combining abundant and quality raw materials with a standardized, modern, and advanced production system, Coco Coir Global is committed to producing high-quality coir peat products that rival international counterparts of other competitors. With the desire to bring products that are high quality with competitive prices, we have been developing our products and services better and better, bringing satisfaction and the best experience for customers both nationally and internationally. Not only want the business to grow stronger, but Coco Coir Global also aims to maintain and strengthen the Ben Tre coconut industry, contributing to the sustainable development of the said industry in particular and the agricultural industry in general.