Coco Coir Global serves a diverse and extensive list of customers, including independent growers, commercial greenhouses, distribution partners, and retailers in many countries worldwide. The ever increasing demand for high-quality products alongside the call for optimal economic solutions motivated us- we want to develop a method to effectively output coco coir products as well as elevate our marketing strategies, ensuring that they will reach those who require them for purposes, especially greenhouse cultivation and horticulture.

For commercial greenhouses and individual growers, we are conscious of our customers’ need for high-quality products that would satisfy the upper echelon of industry standards. Therefore, we ensure to bring the best quality products with a transparent and strictly controlled production process from the raw material selection stage to the finished product.

We build a solid network of customers who are partners or retailers in the global market. To reinforce that bond, we aim to provide quality products while maintaining a sufficient quantity that meets more extensive demands. Playing our vital role in the supply chain, we want to supply the right product with an affordable price tag, even to megaton shipments, ensuring the availability of raw materials with consistent quality and quick and uninterrupted processing time.

We strive to supply every one of our customers with guaranteed high-quality products. Our guidelines, which are also the core value of Coco Coir Global, are not only to please clients with superb-in-nature products but also to create a stable choice that would always be the correct answer to “what is ideal to use for clean, fresh, and nutritious crops?”, furthermore protect the end consumer’s health and sustainable development of agriculture as a whole.