Outstanding Features of Our Products

Our 100% natural Coconut Coir organic grow medium is a soilless Coconut Coir growing media obtained from selecting the best Coconut husks from Ben Tre province, Vietnam. Our Coco Coir has uniform texture, providing good Drainage, high porosity, high water holding capacity, great absorption, and retains moisture enabling healthy root growth. Our Grow Media provides more oxygen allowing plants to grow healthier and produce bigger yields.

All our raw materials have been OMRI Listed for organic use.

OMRI Listed certified


We produce properly washed Coco Coir grow medium products that have been tested by third-party accredited Laboratories. Most of the tests are performed by Laboratories in the USA, a few of them in Vietnam. The analysis for pH, EC (Soluble salts), Chemical characteristics analysis, Physical Properties, Heavy Metals tests (Heavy Metal test content also compliant with Canadian requirements for Heavy Metal analysis), Pesticides residues (non-detected for approximately 500 compounds), and Microbial analysis.

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“Quality first” is our motto

We wash Coco Coir 4 times with fresh water to remove salts resulting in a very low EC ≤ 0.5mS/cm, pH: 5.8 – 6.5 S.U. Buffering by our special procedure, results in extremely low Sodium (Na) and Potassium (K) level content, creating a good Coco Coir growing substrate, better control over fertilizer management, ensuring growers’ nutrient mix feeding plants, no need to rinse or amending Coco Coir substrates.

Customers can evaluate our product washing and buffering to meet the highest industry standards through our Product Chemical characteristics analysis report performed by third-party accredited Laboratories in the USA. This Chemical characteristic analysis will be performed periodically on Production Lots connected with customer Purchasing Orders.

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Strict and transparent manufacturing process

We monitor closely the transportation process from raw materials to finished Coco Coir, screen strictly during the production processes, has proper packaging and shipping containers to eliminate the risk of contamination of weeds, weed seeds, soil, impurities, insects, and harmful microorganisms.

We can customize our products to customer’s requirements. And our Coco Coir can be reusable, biodegradable.

Other applications of our Coco Coir

Besides providing Coco Coir Growing Media and some mixes related to serve horticulture, we also offer products for non-horticulture purposes like horse bedding, playground mulch, oil cleanup, etc.