How to grow tomatoes using Grow Bag?


Nowadays, the usage of containers such as plastic or styrofoam containers, and other similar items is widely used in farming, especially vegetable growing. However, these items are not the appropriate options when growing climbing trees. Today We’ll introduce you Grow Bag, an effective alternative to growing directly on the substrate.

If you haven’t heard of and used “Grow bag” or planting bag for growing tomatoes, let’s explore with Coco Coir Global in this article and give it a try!

The definition of Grow Bag

Grow bag, also known as plant bag that is a product that comes in the shape of a PE bag that contains compressed coco coir. Moreover, Grow bag is an organic coconut soil, an excellent growth medium for both outdoor and indoor growing. For instance, it is commonly use to grow a broad range of crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, bell peppers, strawberries, and so on.

Advantages of growing tomatoes with Grow bag

  • Grow bag is lightweight and could move easily.
  • Grow tomatoes both indoors and outdoors.
  • The roots are covered in bags, making it possible to observe the consistent and quick development, which improves tomatoes’ efficiency and productivity.
  • Grow bags have a moisture content of less than 20% and compressed  into slabs, making them easy to transport and store.
  • Desirable aeration.

Which blend and ratio is appropriate for growing tomatoes?

Coco Coir Global provides a variety of blends and ratios for each type of crop. For growing tomatoes, we mix coco peat, short coco fiber, and coco chips. The main purpose of adding coconut chips in the Grow Bag is to increase aeration capacity for the roots. Therefore it’ll help the roots grow, and give higher yields.

The suitable size of Grow Bag to grow tomatoes

The expanded size (size when adding water) of the Coco Coir Global grow bag is 100x18x10 cm. This is the most appropriate and common size for growing tomatoes, providing outstanding performance. Furthermore, the size depends on the preferences and habits of the grower, the climate of the region, so we also provide other sizes of grow bags according to the requirements of customers.

Should grow bags be equipped drainage holes?

Coco Coir Global typically provides four drainage holes at the bottom as an added convenience for farmers. Furthermore, we will meet the standards for planting holes and drainage holes for each type of plant as well as customer needs. It is not critical whether or not the drainage hole is utilized, but since Grow bag is a planting bag, if we do not use the drainage hole, it is difficult to manage the quantity of water in the bag, making it prone to stagnation. In addition, since coco peat absorbs water, you should be cautious when using a grow bag without a drainage hole, as this can easily lead to water-logging and plant death.

The guideline of using Grow Bag to grow tomatoes

  • First step: Water the grow bag and let the pressed coco peat fills the bag.
  • Second step: Plant the nursed seedlings in the planting holes (usually 4-6 tomatoes plants).
  • Third step: Install a drip irrigation system (for medium and big projects) or build your own irrigation system for small gardens.
  • Fourth step: Add nutrients for plants.
  • Fifth step: Take care daily and finally harvest.

Why should you choose Coco Coir Global’s Grow bag for your tomato farm?

  • The product is the best choice for tomato cultivation. Therefore, we are committed to product quality in order to achieve exceptional high productivity.
  • Accurate product specifications, compatible with tomatoes (EC <0.5 mS/cm).
  • Competitive price of Grow bag on domestic and international markets.
  • 24/7 customer service.


Find out more about Grow Bag here

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