Grow Bag

Grow bag, also known as plant bag is a product in the form of a PE bag containing compressed coco peat and coco fiber. It is used directly to grow various plants, especially fruits, vegetables and cannabis. Grow bag, an organic coconut soil, is an appropriate growing medium and is widely used for outdoor and indoor greenhouse cultivation.

✓ Easy to use, easy to transport, maximize space efficiency.

✓ Rapid root development, good moisture retention and desirable aeration.

✓Save labor by reducing set-up time and curb nutrient loss with better retention.


✓ Application to grow all kinds of flowers, fruits, vegetables and cannabis

✓ Good water retention, great air flow and balanced nutrients to develop good roots

✓ Organic and environmentally friendly

✓ Livestock bedding and poultry litter

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Grow bags have many different sizes, depending on the type of crops and customer’s request. The moisture, blends, and other specifications could be change. Below are our standard product specifications.


Ingredients 100% ingredients from coconut, blended from coconut peat, coconut fiber, and coconut chips Depending on customer’s request
Expanded size 100x18x(8-16) cm Depending on customer’s request
Weight 1.5-2.5 kg Depending on the size
EC <0.5 mS/cm
pH 5.5-6.8
Tannin <10%
Lignin <10%
Moisture <20%
Number of grow hole 4-10 hole Depending on customer’s request
Number of drainages hole 4 hole
Number of units per container 40 feet 7600-12600 units Depending on the size


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