Pre-filled 2gal Bag Pot

The prefilled coco grow bag, also known as plant bag or potting soil, containing multiple blends of cocopeat, coco fiber and coco chips which is a growing medium, offers a “smart” solution for growing various plants that are widely used outdoors and in greenhouses. Products are developed with the desire to bring customers outstanding advantages:

✓ Minimize labor force

✓ Saving irrigation water and nutrients

✓ Easy to use, users just need to place the product where you want to grow and add water

✓ Easy to transport


✓ Use to grow all kinds of fruits, vegetables and the cannabis industry.

✓ Good water retention, great air flow and balanced nutrients to develop good roots.

✓ Organic and environmentally friendly.

✓ Livestock bedding and poultry litter.

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The bags have many different sizes, depending on the type of crops and customer’s request. The moisture, blends, and other specifications could be change. Below are our standard product specifications.


Ingredients 100% ingredients from coconut, blended from coconut peat, coconut fiber, and coconut chips Depending on customer’s request
Size bag 18x33cm
Volume 7.95 liter
EC <0.5 mS/cm
pH 5.5-6.8
Tannin <10%
Lignin <10%
Moisture <70% Depending on customer’s request
Number of bag per container 40 feet 8000 bag


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