Bulk Tote 1800L

Bulk Coco Peat with the volume up to 1800L.

Economical. Largest size up to the capacity of 1.8 cubic meters. Applied for all kinds of plants. Suitable for large-scale farms.

Bulk totes containing coco peat are large size with a capacity of 1.8 cubic meters per bag. Bulk totes (treated or untreated) offer multiple blends and ratios of coco peat, coco fiber and coco chips, depending on customers’ requirements and specific purposes.

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Bulk Coco Peat in the shape of tote is our new arrival. It is economical due to its volume up to 1800L. Hence, it is also suitable for not only large-scale farms but also greenhouse farming.


✓ Save storage space

✓ Easy to transport by forklift

✓ Save labor costs in packing, loading and unloading


✓ Application to grow most kinds of plants, vegetables, fruits and cannabis

✓ Being as mixture for fertilizer production

✓ Serving husbandry

✓ Good water & nutrient retention, desirable aeration to develop good roots.

✓ Organic and environmentally friendly.

Note: The moisture content, blends and ratios of coco peat, coco fiber, coco chips and other specifications are changeable. 



Ingredients 100% ingredients from coconut, blended from coconut peat, coconut fiber, and coconut chips Depending on customer’s requirements
Bag size 90x90x120 cm
Volume 1800 liters
EC <0.5 mS/cm
pH 5.8-6.5
Tannin <10%
Lignin <10%
Moisture <70% Depending on customer’s requirements
Number of bag per container 40 feet  44 bags


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