Low EC and High EC Coco Peat: Differences and Uses

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Once considered a waste product of the consumable coconut product industry, the empty coconut husks are usually dumped into swarms to get rid of. As the discovery of coco coir and its popularity is growing rapidly, the amount of husks being dumped goes down gradually. They are collected, processed (through multiple processes), and then made into either coco peat, coco fiber, or coco chips, which then are mixed in different ratios to make coco coir that fit into different purposes.

Normal coco peat has an EC value of 0.5 mS/cm and a pH range of 5.5 to 6.8, whereas high coco peat has an EC value of > 0.8 mS/cm. After the certified testing procedure, where Electrical Conductivity is computed, these measurements are completed.

Advantages of using coco peat:

  • Highly Absorbent Nature
  • pH Neutral Properties
  • Eco-Friendly and Fully Recyclable

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Low EC Cocopeat

Through being washed with clean water, coco peat has their EC lowered gradually, which is usually chosen as growing media is the same- one of the most sorted and adaptable grow media that can be used in a variety of plants growing in horticulture.

Coco peat is a completely natural, secure, and sustainable material used as grow media that is beneficial to growers and works to maintain ecological harmony.

Even novice growers may easily follow the steps when using coco peat because the process is so straightforward. The crop quality is improved with coco peat, improving crop yield. Only by adhering to a straightforward set of guidelines, such as pre-planting and watering regimens, can you produce a plentiful output.

Coco peat with a low EC is utilized as a growing  media. Over the years, coco growing media have demonstrated their enormous success and gained market share in the growing medium industry, surpassing many other mediums that have performed above and beyond expectations. In both agriculture and floriculture, coco growth mediums are now one of the most popular and adaptable growing media that can be used with any type of plant.

The key reason for Coco Medium’s success is because it is user-friendly. When a very basic set of guidelines about pre-planting & watering are followed, even a first-time user of coco medium with little knowledge of the material can yield the best harvest without any issues.

The medium itself is made entirely of organic materials and is safe for use. As a result, the merchandise now bears the designation “e-friendly.” The extraction of coco medium does not impact the environment like it does with many other mediums. Utilizing coco mediums can actually help the environment since, as an organic material, the medium can be disposed of after use without altering the soil’s makeup.

Use for:

  • Enhancements to the soil and potting mix
  • In Nurseries and Garden center
  • Horticulture and Floriculture
  • Home or greenhouses gardening and landscaping
  • Hydroponic systems and Vertical farming

Low EC Cocopeat

High EC cocopeat

The unwashed or high EC form of coco peat is the unprocessed raw form of coir pith. Essentially, it serves as substrate for terrariums and pet beds. The remarkable absorbing capacity of this coco peat helps to suck in wastes, leaving a clean, secure, and odor-free room behind.

The ability to store a lot of moisture allows for easy airflow and a padded feel for pets. The anti-allergenic properties of coco peat prevent bugs and rodents from harming pets’ health.

It is a user-friendly bedding since it is simple to set out, launder, and dispose of. Organic, low-cost, and slow decomposition all increase the value of coco bedding.

Use for:

  • Animal farms and pet homes also utilize coco peat as bedding to absorb animal excrement and keep the space tidy and dry. High EC coco peat is the name given to this particular type.
  • Oil absorbing on slick floors since it is an effective adsorbent.

High EC cocopeat

So, EC talk.

 “pH is an operationally defined measure of the H+ ions that are active in soil solution, and EC provides an operationally defined measurement of a soil’s salinity” -(Rhoades, 1996).

EC is crucial since it informs you if your plants are getting the right amount of nourishment. As a result, if your plant’s EC level is off, it can begin to exhibit signs of stress. Too high, and the plant will exhibit toxic symptoms; too low, and the plant won’t have enough nutrients and may die from malnutrition.

So in short, Electrical Conductivity is something that must be gotten right, and to consumers using the product, if this aspect of the product is already rightly catered already, it would mean a saving of time and effort. That is why coco peat products providers and growers use coco peat, lower EC is the proof of a high-quality product.

Where to Buy Low EC Coco Peat Products?

It is undoubtedly that Low EC coco peat is more favored by growers. In the end, it’s what makes coco peat more and more popular to the consumer- the eco-friendly substrate that simply can be fitted into any system, to grow any plants of preference. Providing low EC Coco Peat products from Vietnam, we are Coco Coir Global.

What is special about so-praised coco peat from Vietnam? Well, Vietnam has a long coastline within the tropical part of the globe, which means that we would have a sufficient coconut supply, but it isn’t the definitive factor. Coco Coir Global, besides benefiting from the abundance of coconut supply from the “Land of Coconut” Ben Tre, is also the biggest supplier that Vietnam has to offer. We produce and provide our own high-quality low EC coco peat in large quantities all over the world, serving multiple demands for both horticulture and non-horticulture. Take a scroll over to our website, and seek what you need.

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