Bagged Cocopeat 100L

Bagged coco peat is the leading product in terms of quantity and production. The product can be treated or untreated including coco peat, coco fiber or can be mixed with coconut chips to increase efficiency for the crop. Coco peat can meet all the needs of customers such as cultivation, livestock and fertilizer production.


✓ Application to grow all kinds of plants, vegetables, and fruit vines.

✓ Mixing fertilizer production

✓ Serving livestock and poultry

✓ Good water retention, great air flow and balanced nutrients to develop good roots

✓ Organic and environmentally friendly

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The moisture, blends, and other specifications could be change. Below are our standard product specifications.


Ingredients 100% ingredients from coconut, blended from coconut peat, coconut fiber, and coconut chips Depending on customer’s request
Bag size 60×110 cm
Volume 100 liters
EC <0.5 mS/cm
pH 5.5-6.8
Tannin <10%
Lignin <10%
Moisture <70% Depending on customer’s request
Number of bag per container 40 feet 800 bags


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