Application of coir products in cultivation, husbandry and fertilizer/seed production


Application of coir products in cultivation, husbandry and fertilizer/seed production

With the diversity of products, Coco Coir Global brings multiple options, which is suitable for customers’ conditions and needs. Some applications of our products can be listed namely cultivating, serving livestock and producing fertilizers.

♦ Cultivating/Seed Production

In application for plants, there are two kinds of products that are suitable for different clients’ targets. There are two main product lines which are the mixture of cocopeat, coco fiber and coco chip and the available specialized mixture. The first type consists of Bagged Coco Peat or Bulk Tote, Pre-filled 2gal Bag Pot and 5kg Coco Block, which serves the needs of customers for planting all kinds of plants, flowers and vegetables. However, with each type of crop or area, it is necessary to choose a suitable and proper product line to have the best result.

The other type is Grow Bag which is an available specialized blend (coco peat, coco fiber and coco chip). With the unique package and designed round holes, the product is specialized for growing cannabis, fruits and vegetables and is very convenient as well as easy to use.


Application to grow apples


Application to grow cantaloupes

♦ Serving livestock and farming

There are two types of products serving livestock and poultry which are the blend of coco fiber and coco chip and the mixture of coco peat and coco fiber, however, they are all unprocessed products. The former will be a good choice for breeding and raising poultry in bedding in order to absorb moisture effectively, minimize coop odor and curb diseases.

The latter bring a considerable number of benefits in breeding livestock, especially cows. Coco chips are cut with distinct sizes, so it is certainly applicable to livestock bedding. By virtue of the main ingredient which is coco chip, the product has strong absorbance, which helps reduce shed odor, environmental pollution effects and avoid diseases. In addition, it also supports very well the development of livestock’s hooves.   Having a long self life, it is not necessary to change the liner regularly and still bring good results.

These two product lines both have the use of insulating poultry and livestock when winter comes. Moreover, we can produce organic fertilizers from microbiological waste in parallel with poultry and livestock production.

♦ Producing organic fertilizers

In fertilizer production application, the product line is divided into two types: coco peat blended with coco fiber and coco fiber mixed with coco chip. Depending on the needs of customers, our company offers products in two forms which are unprocessed products and processed products, and are distributed in bagged design (100L/1800L) or block pressed design (5kg).


With multiple applications, we are proud to manufacture products that have high standards and good quality to serve the diverse demands of different audiences. Furthermore, we also ensure the safety of products, bringing satisfaction to customers in not only domestic but also worldwide markets.


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