商業用温室以外にも、限られたスペースで栽培を行うフリーランスのお客様や、必要な資源が不足している土地で栽培を行うお客様にも、Coco Coir Globalは喜んで対応させていただきます。


Coco Coirは、このような環境下で植物を育てるための経済的な解決策となります。ココピートに含まれる天然成分は、植物に栄養を与え、耐暑性を向上させます。私たちの製品は、生産者に果物、野菜、花など幅広い作物の栽培の自由を与えてくれます。

Coco Coir 製品紹介

✓ Ready to use (no need to pre-rinse)

✓ Specialized for greenhouse crops


✓ Perfect growing medium for multiple growing purpose

✓ Versatile in use (both horticulture and non-horticulture)

✓ Balanced mix for optimal plant growth

✓ Tailored for growing various types of plants

✓ Lightweight and easy to handle

✓ Excellent water retention and good drainage

✓ Lightweight and easily manageable

✓ Excellent water and nutrient retention capabilities

✓ Specialized for greenhouse crops

✓ Recommended to use alongside with coco coir grow bags

✓ Economical and versatile for different uses

✓ Suitable for both commercial and individual growers

✓ Lightweight, easy to carry and use

✓ Easy to transport with large quantities