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Cannabis refers to a group of three plants with psychoactive properties, known as Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. When the flowers of these plants are harvested and dried, you’re left with one of the most common drugs in the world. The cannabis business is growing not just in developed countries, but also in countries where cannabis usage is legal. As a result, organizations, businesses, and even individual growers are drawn into this “lucrative” market.

Coco coir if it isn’t familiar enough already, in short, is a product made from the coconut husk into a substrate that has a variety of uses multiple up sides. Coco coir is an essential grow medium and soil amendment that helps cannabis to grow to their fullest potential. Researchers say that coir-based substrates are effective for cannabis during the vegetative and flowering stages of production.

Coco coir cannabis

Benefits of Coco peat for Cannabis plants

As aforementioned, coco coir products have a variety of uses, some are especially beneficial for those who are looking into growing Cannabis. The following outstanding characteristics of coco peat will help you have a better view of this kind of soil:

Coco peat is rich and harmless soil, especially coco peat from Coco Coir Global which is totally made from 100% organic ingredients.

Coco peat soil can be reused many times. When you harvest the cannabis at the end of the process, you can reuse the soil for the next planting.

Coco peat is appropriate to use for the different crops and fulfills the requirements of high-tech agriculture.

Coco peat is able to absorb and hold water perfectly, which helps to minimize the leaching of nutrients after each watering. It also has the ability to warm the roots in winter and adjust the temperature in other seasons, creating a suitable environment for beneficial microorganisms to grow, and thus increasing efficiency.

Environmentally friendly, as the material is completely natural. It can completely replace peat moss.

Promote healthy root growth, robust stems, and improved blooms.

Provide more breathing space and aeration for plant roots, resulting in better growth.

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4 Best Coco Coir for Cannabis plants

1. Loose coco coir bag for cannabis

Bagged coco peat is the leading product in terms of quantity and production. The product can be treated or untreated including coco peat, coco fiber, or can be mixed with coconut chips to increase efficiency for the crop. Coco peat can meet all the needs of customers such as cultivation, livestock, and fertilizer production.


✓ Lightweight, easy to carry and use

✓ Convenient to transport with large quantities

Coco Peat Bag 50L/100L (Loose)

Loose Coco Coir Bag (50L or customized)

2. Pre-filled coco coir bag for cannabis

The prefilled coco coir grow bag, also known as plant bag, offers a “smart” solution for growing cannabis plants. Products are developed with the desire to bring customers outstanding advantages:

✓ Convenient to use

✓ Specialized for soft fruit, ginger, cannabis, etc.

Pre filled Coco Coir Bag (Loose)

Pre-filled Coco Coir Bag

3. Compressed coco coir open top bag for cannabis

The same finished Compressed Coco Coir product with Grow Bag product (OMRI Listed certified), only different in cube form. Cubes are customizable.

Raw materials are 100% natural from coconut husks. Ready to use form. Widely used for several plants such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, cannabis, and gingers.

✓ Lightweight, easy to carry and use

✓ Easy to transport with large quantities

Coco Coir Open Top Bag

Compressed Coco Coir Open Top Bag 

4. Coco coir grow bag for cannabis

Grow bag, also known as coco coir slab, is a product in the form of long compressed coco coir, like a slab of brick, hence the name, usually widely used in greenhouses. This is an exceptional choice for tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, strawberry, etc. and for cannabis too as a choice. But, for cannabis in particular, Pre-filled bag or compresses open top bag is more popular.

✓ Specialized for greenhouse crops

✓ Recommended to use alongside grow bags.

Coco Coir Grow Bag

Coco Coir Grow Bag

Growing environment and the matching Coco Coir for Cannabis plants

Cannabis for greenhouses:

Coco Coir Grow Bag: 

With the limited space per greenhouse, grow bags are a decent choice for them. The bags, besides inheriting coco coir’s characteristic of being economical, are very space-efficient in design that, is also more convenient to hydrate the compressed coco coir with a hi-tech irrigation system. Depending on the customer’s demand, the number of drain and dripper holes can be customizable.

Loose Coco Coir Bag:

If the prefixed size of the growbag is not what the greenhouse needed-I.E already have plot space with conflicting sizes, the amount of coir is not enough, or greenhouses with in-door fields- then the Pre-filled bags are a great choice. They come in ready-to-use form, meaning that there are only two steps: open pour out in adequate amount, and use. The volume of the bag can be adjusted to customer’s liking too, if the demand is raised.

Compressed Coco Coir Open Top Bag:

Perhaps the customer needed the growbag’s properties, but not the design of them. You have already finished more than half of the house, and the rest isn’t really suitable to put in long grow bags, so these products will do instead. Pre Cut drain holes are customizable, as always. Similar to grow bags, this product can be used alongside an irrigation system, and can be used in a similar manner.

For Greenhouses

Cannabis indoor growing

Pre-filled Coco Coir Bag:

This product comes in ready-to-use form, so it’s fast to fill any container and start to grow almost immediately. The request to customize the volume delivered is always available.

Loose Coco Coir Bag:

Either on small pots or on big fields: Take out an adequate amount, plant the crop/seed, etc., then water and provide nutrients. Straightforward and easy to use.

Compressed Coco Coir Open Top Bag

Come in brick form, so it is easy to store and be space-efficient. Also a good choice to work alongside the modern irrigation system.

Indoor growing

Cannabis outdoor growing (on field)

Outdoors growing, can consist of small gardens, but usually used to destinate open fields that grow plants in mass. This type of cultivation faces a number of challenges like natural disasters, pests, etc. but does not require much investment in terms of infrastructure, suitable for a lower cost of product in certain aspects. Coco coir is suitable here as it can be used to refill soil that is lost from downpour or harvest, while preventing unwanted weeds and preventing certain diseases.
Suitable products

Loose Coco Coir Bag: 

Just how it’s mentioned above, whether it’s a small household garden or a farm’s field, a loose coco coir bag is most of the time the correct answer. Get a bag(s), maybe with customized volume, open, take out an adequate amount, plant, water, fertilize to provide nutritions and it’s done in that step.

Pre-filled Coco Coir Bag

Similar to the previous product to be used on the field, but they usually come in big bags pre-filled coco coir bags are  more readily available in mass.

Outdoor growing (on field)

Grow cannabis in coco coir vs soil: which one better?

This question’s answer can be differ, on to another, depending on one’s view of what they are doing with the substrate. But if the plants grown are cannabis, it’s recommended to use coir.

Soil is a beginner friendly choice. They are easy to grow, considered the “authentic” way to grow cannabis, and said to yield better taste. But, not all soil is suited to grow them- it is the slowest method with lower yield and has higher chances for infestation, and when they are either sick or infested, the signs come slow, which usually have already caused damage.

Coco coir, on the other hand, usually means that you have made a purchase for them, are are not only natural, organic, but also free from pests and diseases, come in a state of neutralization that can be fed with nutrient needed for cannabis, while staying relatively easy to monitor and make changes if needed. They are just as easy to plant like soil, while having full control of pH and nutrient components. One thing to note is not all products are innate, some of the coco coir products are buffered with certain nutrients, making the job much easier as it cuts several steps.

Tips on choosing appropriate growing media for cannabis plants

Or to make the heading more clear: “Things you should consider when choosing growing media for your Cannabis”, because there are more than meets the eyes

  • What is the purpose of your cultivation? If it’s to learn how to grow the plant on a small scale, it’s recommended to use soil as a learning material, and on the other hand, any other purposes such as commercial use either on field or in greenhouses, should be considering coco coir as an option, fully or partially depends on the condition.
  • For those who want to preserve the flavor of the cannabis, you can consider mixing both soil and coir as an option.
  • Soil preservation work with coir is also an option, with or without mixing the original soil and coir to fit different purposes of preservation.
  • Both of the mentioned substrates are not the only that could harbor cannabis, but are one of the most ecological and economically efficient ones. Consider others if there is need and affordability isn’t a factor anymore.

Tips on choosing appropriate Growing media for Cannabis plants

And that’s all. Good luck, and be persistent, as cannabis isn’t the easiest plant to grow.

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