Best Coco Coir for Weed – Ideal Growing Medium for Cannabis

Wanna get better results for your cannabis plants, but do not know how to start first? In this article, we are going to reveal a secret to help you improve your plants’ efficiency. Let’s get started!


The cannabis business is growing not just in developed countries, but also in countries where cannabis usage is legal. As a result, organizations, businesses, and even individual growers are drawn into this “lucrative”  market.

However, in a very competitive market, it is difficult for a firm, organization, or individual to stand out and rise to the top. In addition to enhancing service quality, customer care, or even pricing policy, improving the value of the product quality is an essential thing to do to attract more customers.

The most important factor that determines the quality of the crop is absolutely the type of soil. In this article, Coco Coir Global will give you the reasons why you should choose Coco peat as the best medium for growing cannabis, as well as how to choose the suitable product for each growing purpose.

Benefits of coco peat for plants

The following outstanding benefits of coco peat will help you have a better view of this kind of soil: 

  • Coco peat is rich and harmless soil, especially coco peat from Coco Coir Global which is totally made from 100% organic ingredients.
  • Coco peat soil can be reused many times. When you harvest the cannabis at the end of the process, you can reuse the soil for the next planting.
  • Coco peat is appropriate to use for the different crops and fulfills the requirements of high-tech agriculture.
  • Coco peat is able to absorb and hold water perfectly, which helps to minimize the leaching of nutrients after each watering. It also has the ability to warm the roots in winter and adjust the temperature in other seasons, creating a suitable environment for beneficial microorganisms to grow, and thus increasing efficiency.
  • Environmentally friendly, as the material is completely natural. It can completely replace peat moss. 
  • Promote healthy root growth, robust stems, and improved blooms. 
  • Provide more breathing space and aeration for plant roots, resulting in better growth.

Choose your own coco peat for growing cannabis plants

We highly recommend these 4 products that will be entirely suitable for growing cannabis plants as follows

♦ Bulk Tote 1800L

Bulk totes are large in size with a capacity of 1.8 cubic meters per bag. Bulk totes (treated or untreated) offer multiple blends of coco peat, coco fiber, and coco chips, depending on the intended use.

The main advantages are: 

✓ Save storage space

✓ Easy to transport by forklift



Bagged Coco Peat 50L

Bagged coco peat is the leading product in terms of quantity and production. The product can be treated or untreated including coco peat, coco fiber, or can be mixed with coconut chips to increase efficiency for the crop. Coco peat can meet all the needs of customers such as cultivation, livestock, and fertilizer production.


✓ Easy to use and portable. You just need to cut off the top of the bag and then plant the seeds inside to be able to grow

✓ Mixing fertilizer production

✓ Good water retention, great airflow, and balanced nutrients to develop good roots

✓ Organic and environmentally friendly

Pre-filled 2gal Bag Pot

The prefilled coco grow bag, also known as plant bag or potting soil, contains multiple blends of cocopeat, coco fiber, and coco chips which is a growing medium, offering a “smart” solution for growing cannabis plants. Products are developed with the desire to bring customers outstanding advantages:

✓ Minimize labor force

✓ Saving irrigation water and nutrients

✓ Easy to use, users just need to place the product where you want to grow and add water

✓ Easy to transport



Grow bag

Grow bag, also known as a plant bag, is a product in the form of a PE bag containing compressed coco peat and coco fiber. It is used directly to grow various plants, especially fruits, vegetables, especially cannabis. Grow bag, an organic coconut soil, is an appropriate growing medium and is widely used for outdoor and indoor greenhouse cultivation. With a length of 1m, it will be suitable for planting 2-3 trees. But Coco Coir Global can provide customers with the length requirements they order.

✓ Easy to use, easy to transport, maximize space efficiency.

✓ Rapid root development, good moisture retention, and desirable aeration.

✓ Reduce set-up time and curb nutrient loss with better retention.

Growing environment and the matching growing medium for cannabis plants

Based on the growing environment you set up for your cannabis plant, the products should be selected appropriately to maximize their applications and help nourish the plants in the best way. 

♦ Outdoor growing

Because of the impact of natural circumstances, Bulk Tote 1800, Bagged coco peat 100L and Pre-filled  Bag Pots (potting soil) are the best alternatives for growing cannabis outdoors.

When it comes to Bulk Tote (1800L) and Bagged Coco peat (100L), they are the best choice for farms that have a large scale. Depending on your growing purposes, you can fill the coco peat in bags or pots which have any sizes you want, or even you can litter it right on the ground. It will be convenient since you are able to use them directly without taking a long time and steps for preparing when using coco peat blocks. 

For pre-filled bag pots only, they are even more convenient to use. Since they come in pre-filled, you just need to place them wherever you want, then sow seeds and water them.

All of those products above have the same quality, but different packaging sizes. Because of the convenience in use, they are a good fit as well as the best choices for planting in large farms or even greenhouses. B- Furthermore, don’t  be afraid of lacking water or losing nutrients from your plants when growing outside since Bulk Tote, Bagged Coco Peat, and Coco Potting Soil always helps plants retain water and minerals, nurture deep roots, and prevent nutrient loss.




♦ Indoor growing

If your cannabis environment is indoors, then products like Pre-filled 2gal Coco Bag Pot and Coco Grow Bag will be the right choice.

To save space in your home, the aforementioned products are compact and easy to transport. They have great airflow, balance nutrients for good root development, and are good at water retention,

For Grow bag products, with a length of 1 meter with 2 to 3 planting holes, it will be suitable for growing  2-3 plants. But if you order in large quantities and want more holes to grow more plants,  Coco Coir Global can afford your demands. 



Final advice on choosing the proper soils

Choosing an appropriate soil can assist you in optimizing the outcomes of your plants, resulting in high-as-a-kite cannabis. Unlike conventional soil, coco coir soil has many more benefits and provides the best nutrients for your plants. 

Coco Coir Global is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of coconut soil and fiber products in Vietnam. With various dimensions and blends of products, we are confident to satisfy any customers having multiple choices.

Coco Coir Global’s coir products are high standard achieved and widely appreciated, being used popularly in high-tech agriculture. Our product’s features are 100 % organic and free from impurities. The product prices are consistently competitive with frequent discounts. We also perform fair trade for farmers in Ben Tre. Furthermore, we take pleasure in providing excellent customer services that would please all of our customers.

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